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Your Lovingly Store

 A lot of people think they can arrange flowers, but you know better.
The same is true for building a website that grows your business effectively.

More Than a Website

 The Lovingly Store is designed to help florists like you attract more customers,
sell more flowers, and keep more money for your work.


Make Your Floral Business Bloom

With over 10 years of experience in the online floral industry, Lovingly has learned a lot while helping florists showcase their artistry and succeed in the modern market.

It takes time to master your craft and it takes time to run a business.
Online marketing is no different, with ever-changing techniques and tactics including:


Lovingly takes care of this, so that you can focus on your craft.

We believe in a true partnership between your art and our expertise.
When you become a Lovingly partner, our proven success is combined with
your talent, to promote your work and grow your business.

And we don’t make a penny until you do. Period.

Smart Stuff Lovingly Does

The Lovingly Store is more than just a website. It’s an automated sales funnel, designed to attract potential buyers and nurture them into becoming loyal customers.
Here’s what we can help do for you:

  • 1.

    Plan your approach through our Lovingly white glove service

  • 2.

    Attract visitors to your online business with proven marketing methods

  • 3.

    Nurture your visitors with professional images of your beautiful designs

  • 4.

    Convert visitors into paying customers with automated processes that maximize success

  • 5.

    Encourage repeat purchases and positive online reviews by keeping customers engaged

And How We Do It

Attractive pages, streamlined order processes, and persuasive sales psychology combined with your designs create the optimized online store your work deserves.

We test every word, button, image, email, page, and tactic, for maximized results.

Yes, it all counts!

And as a result, your flower shop grows its customer base, gains higher order values, drives more upsells, and wins more appreciation for your artistry — all with no out-of-pocket costs.

Don’t settle for an under-performing website.
Your hard work demands an end-to-end service that’s already working for hundreds of florists like you.

Funnel image representing marketing services and features as one strategic online process to maximize sales.
  • "We weren't sure what would happen with Lovingly, but they have been great for us. We signed up both of our shops and our web order volume as well as order value are drastically higher than with our old wire service site."

    Joseph Ventura, Wild Orchid of Westchester Eastchester, NY
  • "Switching from our own in-house website to the Lovingly Store was good decision all around. Our online orders increased, and the time saved is well used on all the other things that need to get done in a small business."

    Don & Angela Phillips, From the Heart Thunder Bay, ON
  • "Lovingly is so easy to use. I find it very helpful that the automatic order notifications have an image of the arrangement, and the product management is simple as well. It’s the easiest system that I’ve ever used!"

    Rick Conley, Oliver Flower Shop Pittsburgh, PA
  • "I love my Lovingly Store - it has increased my web orders exponentially. The average order cost is higher than our old website, too. It is very user-friendly when we need to make changes to it, and I would recommend joining Lovingly to anyone."

    Jeanne Nealer, Jindra Floral Design Cleveland, OH

Your Art Captured

By having a Lovingly Store, you can apply for a Lovingly Photoshoot. Specifically focused on promoting your custom arrangements online, a professional photographer arranges a visit to your place of business and captures a broad range of your creative and unique designs.

Isn’t quality floral photography difficult and costly?

Often, yes. For Lovingly partners, no. Arranged on a “first come, first served” basis, the photoshoot offering is part of your Lovingly Store.

Why not have your art professionally captured, edited, and published, focusing the online spotlight on your designs and attracting potential buyers everywhere?

You’re proud of your craft. We’re proud of our florists.

Hand-held camera focused on floral arrangement, with arrangement also displayed in camera view-finder.

The Floral Industry’s Best
Selection Guide

Not only do we showcase your work, we give you access to the floral industry’s most streamlined and highest-converting selection guide – including over 600 beautifully designed arrangements.

Proven Designs.
Proven Designs.

The Lovingly Selection Guide is designed with the customer in mind, making it easy to browse, choose, upgrade, and purchase.

Their Choices, Guided by Yours.
Their Choices, Guided by Yours.

Customers shop best with expert assistance. You pick and choose which arrangements you’d like to offer, at the price you decide.

Worried About the Seasons?
Worried About the Seasons?

We have you covered with a full array of seasonally appropriate collections.

Your Craft, Your Choice

Lovingly promotes your design ideas every day, all year round with our Designer’s Choice feature. You follow your muse, Lovingly spreads the news on your store homepage and splash images, allowing you to get creative with stems already in stock and clear your cooler.

During holiday periods, when the demand for specific arrangements can be overwhelming, Lovingly Exclusive enables you to drive customers to your Designer’s Choice page only. You focus on what you have in stock and leave the holiday worries behind.

Grow Your Sales, Lovingly

Lovingly florists experience higher conversion rates on their website because their creations are seen by more shoppers online. Driving sales in this way means high returns for your business and real recognition of your work.

Smarter Sales, More Sales
Worried about customers price shopping on the web? Your Lovingly Store is designed to automatically recognize visitors leaving your site too soon and incentivize them to complete their purchase.

Repeat Sales
Special occasions are often the reason people buy flowers. Lovingly anticipates this and sends email reminders on your behalf to encourage repeat purchases. You save the day for your customer, win business, and encourage loyalty.

Animated line graph covering a 1 year sales period. This year's line moves upwards, shows a great rise in sales.
  • "I’m extremely happy with the action I’m getting with Lovingly! My orders are up at least 300%, if not more, from my old FTD site. Customers that call mention the site all the time, I couldn't be more pleased!"

    Yossi Benhamou, Matles Florist New York, NY
  • "Since we've been with Lovingly, our website orders have doubled. We are a "Top 50" shop with a long-established name and reputation, and Lovingly made sure our website got the exposure it deserved."

    Martine Beausoleil, Fine's Flowers Ottowa, ON
  • "Joining Lovingly is the best business decision I've ever made. Instead of paying the wire service, I invested in myself, and I've tripled my orders in my first month using Lovingly's Google AdWords service."

    Corrine Johnstone, The Flower Shop in the Village Delta, BC
  • "Our online orders have at least doubled since we started with Lovingly, and profits on those orders are higher. The staff is always helpful when we have questions. We are delighted with Lovingly!"

    Susan McKee, Old City Flowers Philadelphia, PA

A Big Bunch of Benefits

The average website just sits there and hopes customers come and buy. Your Lovingly Store works to find potential customers, guide them through the selection process, and help them complete the purchase. Find out how much more your online Lovingly Store can do for you:

Spotlight, Please!

 Promote your expertly designed custom products to offer a unique customer experience based around your artistry

Build a Brand

Stand above your competition with empowering brand building tools

Designer’s Choice

Create beautiful arrangements using what you have in stock and provide a deal popular with customers and florists alike

Secure Shopping

Give your customers peace of mind with a fully secure site that protects their privacy and your data

A Checkout That Checks Out

Experience fewer abandoned transactions and gain more completed sales with Lovingly’s secure checkout

A Smarter Store

Reflect your shop’s hours, manage orders around delivery cut off times, configure custom holiday hours, and apply your own delivery zones

Lovingly Exclusive

Focus on selling what’s in your cooler and avoid holiday stress by exclusively showcasing Designer’s Choice during high volume holidays

Auto Prints

Have orders automatically printed and say goodbye to handwritten messages with Lovingly SuperTickets

Mobile Ready

Win business from customers wherever they are with your mobile-optimized Lovingly Store

Lovingly White Glove Service

Certified Experts

The track record of the Lovingly team speaks for itself. The reason is simple: When you need to speak to us, we always pick up the phone and listen. We don’t call ourselves a “white glove” service for nothing.


We’re here to ensure our partners avoid the complex technical pitfalls of Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Google My Business, and more — everything your online store needs to bring in more customers.

Connected Customers

Almost everybody is online these days. And the people who visit your flower shop have friends and relatives spread far and wide. When those friends and relatives want to send flowers back to people in your local community, the chances are they’ll search online for a great local flower shop.


The Lovingly team of marketing and SEO experts is here to make sure everybody can find you.

Growth for Your Shop

Lovingly is dedicated to getting you more customers. More customers means more business growth, more recognition for your work, and more money for you.


Many of our partner florists have reported having to hire more staff to help with the increased business.

  • "Lovingly support is great - I never have to wait for calls back. Orders are up, and dollar amounts are much higher than with my wire service site. I love Lovingly!"

    Lee Newey, The English Rose Florist Brandon, FL
  • "I definitely need to shout out to everyone at Lovingly - we did awesome for Mother's Day! You all were so amazing and very patient, even though I emailed about 40 times! Thank you all for working so hard over there!"

    Jessalynn Morgan, Roma James Gifts Oshawa, ON
  • "Lovingly's customer service has been great. They offer us the same excellence that our customers expect from us. We now have a whole team working for us and it shows!"

    Jennifer Keast, Regency Wine & Flowers Sudbury, ON

A Service That Actually
Serves You

Are you tired of working with wire services that often make you feel as if you’re serving them?

Your Lovingly Store and its expert support staff are here to serve your business. Become a Lovingly partner and break away from the wire services while competing with the big order gatherers. Or work with both and experience the difference for yourself!

No Hidden Fees. Guaranteed.
We don’t just claim to be experts, we prove it. We don’t make a penny until you get a paid order. And there are no codified containers to buy either!

Lovingly is in the business of helping your shop succeed.

Fair Play, Fair Pay

Lovingly is about partnership based on performance. With no up-front costs or hidden fees, we don’t make a penny until you do. If we don’t live up to what we say, you don’t pay.