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SharePoint 2016: Down to Business with the New Release

The build up to today's release was quite an experience, with rumors about the release date, speculation about the implications of the release, statements from Microsoft® experts hailing SharePoint 2016 as "hybrid at the core" and "the reinvention of productivity" and many other things that could be dismissed as hype if not inextricably linked to the words "Microsoft" and "SharePoint®".

So let's not kid ourselves. They meant every word. And that in itself warrants serious thought.

It's no surprise, then, to learn that SharePoint 2016 really is hybrid at its core, presenting businesses with various options to consider in light of all current strategies, budgets, future plans, etc.

Right from the start, your business is given three deployment options: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. Choosing on-premises or cloud, or opting for the hybrid combination of both, will require some serious thinking.

Is the effort of migration from SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 really worth it?

It's an interesting question, but one can that only be answered by the organization asking it. The much touted "best of both worlds" scenario stands up to scrutiny. New features like Data Loss Prevention (DLP), SQL Server, SharePoint Search, Minrole and Zero Downtime offer a range of potential benefits such as cost-saving, enhanced speed and security, and less downtime.

Not surprisingly, Bamboo Solutions has been busy producing tailored solutions designed to enhance the potential of the new release. With 11 products currently available, many more are in the works and will be available soon.

We are continuing to build on our reputation as a world-leading provider of tailored solutions for businesses across the local, national and international spectrum. Stay tuned to Bamboo Nation and take advantage of a wealth of SharePoint 2016 information and guidance by our team of technical gurus.

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